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We are excited to announce the official launch of our transition into West Michigan's first Reactive Referral Center!
We have a special place in our hearts for fearful and reactive pets. For the past 5 years we have been perfecting our skills and investing endless hours into continuing education in the field of behavior and patient handling to provide care for fearful animals.

Our core belief is to respect animals. Respect means listening to our patients body language and providing what they need. This has resulted in a team of experts able to provide care for reactive animals in a respectful, patient and kind manner.

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  • They have been a game changer for my dog who is scared of the vet. All of the techs and Dr. Paukette are very kind, creative and patient and are able to get me in quickly for triage visits even as a small practice.

    - Susan Wonch
  • Dr. Paukette and her staff do an amazing job with our not-so-easy pets. Anyone with a reactive dog knows how challenging good vet care can be and how much it means to work with professionals that understand your dog's needs without judgment, and meet them where they're at. Is this service cheap? Of course not. You get what you pay for. Here, you are paying to have an entire facility and staff available for you and your pet on the best terms possible for your pet. Priceless. I hope that we see more of this cooperative care in all vet practices in the future! Thank you!

    Show More - Cat Brainerd
  • My dog has had horrible experiences at regular vet offices.. it’s a mix of him needing his space respected and vets and vet techs not understanding how to handle his fear. RRC has been a LIFE SAVER for us, they are incredible and so kind. Very knowledgeable when it comes to the well-being for your four legged family members. If you have a dog that struggles at regular vets, please give them a chance and be an advocate for you pet!

    Show More - Amber Alferink
  • Let me start by saying I have an absolute nervous wreck of a dog, she is a loving girl at home, but I wouldn't trade her for the world. When we go into public areas she is very scared. She crouches, drools, and tries to hide. I switched to Plainfield Pet Hospital and the staff worked great with my scared little girl. She was fed so many treats to make her experience better, she did not even notice that she was getting poked with a needle. They also allowed her to stand on the ground without being held down and they took their time with her, trying to make her more comfortable during her visit, which made our experience even better. Staff is very compassionate and they were able to help me get into contact with a trainer to help make her less fearful when she is away from home. We have been working with the clinic and a trainer now for a little over 6 months and I can finally take her into public and she acts like a normal, happy dog!

    Show More - Lynn Riley
  • Always doing their best to make the animals feel calm and welcome! My dogs actually get excited to go to the vet!

    - Sarah Duley
  • I went for my first time last week. I met a very patient and caring staff, who were all experts at what they do. Best experience I have ever had at the vet; would recommend highly!!

    - Joyce Wideman
  • I love how patient all of the staff are with my dogs, who are all anxious babies in their own way. Dr. Paukette is so caring and creative at problem solving to find the most comfortable setup possible for each individual animal. Pricing is very reasonable for the amount of time and patience invested to take care of my admittedly more challenging pups. I'm so grateful to have a vet I feel safe and comfortable taking them to, who understands animal behavior and fear. If you have a nervous or scared animal at the vet, I couldn't recommend Dr. Paukette and Plainfield enough!

    Show More - Virginia Brophy
  • They really care for your pet. They take extra steps to ensure your pet is comfortable and calm. Love!

    - ​Alison Lutke
  • The staff does an excellent job with my rescue pup. They do whatever it takes to make him feel comfortable, including jars of baby food (which is his vice) to distract him during blood draws, vaccinations, etc. Highly recommended!!

    - Amy W.
  • Wonderful experience with compassionate staff who provide a gentle approach to patient care.

    - Stephanie S.

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